Friday, August 6, 2010

Walking 4 weeks post treatment

Ok, it's way past my bedtime and I have loads to do tomorrow (agh! today I mean!). So, a quicker update is in order, but the good news is that it contains a new video!

My changes so far since treatment July 7, 2010:
- absolutely no swallowing difficulties whatsoever
- 99% free from anything resembling a spasm (could leg and throat spasms have a common origin...?)
- balance continues to be much better
- foot drop comes and goes -- today was first day in 3 days I could walk without tripping with my left foot (so I celebrated by going for a walk)

- typing with all 10 fingers continues and is improving!
- had several very good bladder days, so promising glimpses of improvements in that area continue

I am busy planning a public meeting with 6 people who have had their CCSVI angioplasties already speaking to an audience of 250 + the media in Victoria. Check back for updates on how it goes and video!

My mind is now determined to focus on looking at this as recovery from an injury and not an illness. My veins were damaged; now, they are fixed. Somehow, that makes it easier for me to visualize a stronger, more capable me.


Monday, August 2, 2010

So long two-finger typing!

Hi all!

I was typing a few days ago and all of a sudden my other fingers just jumped in and started typing without me even thinking about it! Here's a video showing me doing touch typing, sort of, which is typing with all 10 fingers on the right keys without looking at my fingers (i.e., just looking at the screen):

I have been typing with two fingers for 9 or 10 years now and use voice recognition software (Dragon) for longer passages. I used to type 85 or 90 words a minute and even, in a former life, taught typing as a high school teacher! So to be able to recover even a bit of my touch typing skills and use 10 fingers again is amazing. Now that my fingers just started typing the right keys, I will monitor my progress and videotape my typing in a week or so to show you if my skills continue to improve now that my fingers seem to be getting the right signals again from my brain to hit the keys.

In other news, I have been busy planning a gathering for Victoria and area MS patients and caregivers to hear about experiences getting CCSVI treated from me and a few others. We are getting together August 9th at 7pm at Cedar Hill Recreation Centre. This is strictly CCSVI and patient experiences, so no politics or sales pitches allowed! If you would like to go, you need to pre-register as space is limited. Go to:

to sign up. After the event, I hope to post a video.

My improvements over the first 28 days are mostly holding steady, with the addition of the newly found finger dexterity described above. My walking is still better, but it's mostly due to balance I think because my left foot still drops. My balance is so much better - I can walk on slopes without tipping or even feel like I'm tipping, including getting in and out of nearby lakes in the soft sand. Cold drinks still help me get a boost to my walking. My swallowing is still 100% better after spending the past year choking several times a day and the past 7 years choking at least several times a week. I can swallow handfuls of pills at once now when before treatment a single vitamin D pill (and you know how small they are!) would roll around and dissolve in my mouth before it would go down or I spat it out. Finally, my leg spasms -- easily my most troublesome and painful symptom -- have 99% improved. I get glimpses of a spasm beginning now, but quick stretching or toe pointing now relieves the pre-spasm tension and nothing materializes.

That's it for now -- off to do more typing!