Friday, August 6, 2010

Walking 4 weeks post treatment

Ok, it's way past my bedtime and I have loads to do tomorrow (agh! today I mean!). So, a quicker update is in order, but the good news is that it contains a new video!

My changes so far since treatment July 7, 2010:
- absolutely no swallowing difficulties whatsoever
- 99% free from anything resembling a spasm (could leg and throat spasms have a common origin...?)
- balance continues to be much better
- foot drop comes and goes -- today was first day in 3 days I could walk without tripping with my left foot (so I celebrated by going for a walk)

- typing with all 10 fingers continues and is improving!
- had several very good bladder days, so promising glimpses of improvements in that area continue

I am busy planning a public meeting with 6 people who have had their CCSVI angioplasties already speaking to an audience of 250 + the media in Victoria. Check back for updates on how it goes and video!

My mind is now determined to focus on looking at this as recovery from an injury and not an illness. My veins were damaged; now, they are fixed. Somehow, that makes it easier for me to visualize a stronger, more capable me.


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