Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 2: Back to clinic, then shopping!

The most beautiful picture in the world! Indulge me, folks, but I am overwhelmed by seeing this snapshot of my left jugular vein open and flowing:

I shopped all day...ate large amounts of ice cream to stay cool in the slightly cooler (39 degree) heat. Loads of clothes bought, but no shoes! I went for a followup ultrasound and all veins open and flowing. No heat fatigue at all (normally getting dressed in the morning tires me out) and absolutely no spasms of any kind (swallowing, bowel, leg) for the past 30 hours and counting.

Back at the hotel, my son David and friend Ali asked me to jump! It took some coaxing, but I agreed to try. I jumped two or three times, about 1-2 inches off the floor. But I landed without support on my feet!

I stood up from being down on the floor TWICE just now (the first time was because I was 5 cents short at the vending machine and I was hoping to find spare change -- the second time I was just showing off). I haven't stood up without chairs / people / even my dog's back to hold on to for years... 5 or more.

After a full, full day, Landon and I just danced -- note new polka dot dress! ~Sandra

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