Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 4: New eyes!

42 hours and counting with no spasms (leg, swallowing, bowel) whatsoever. GOODBYE BACLOFEN! My legs have old bruises on the quads from me pounding them with my fists to relieve spasms every day for 5 years -- now they are quiet. I swallowed pills 4 at a time yesterday (and can probably do more) whereas before one pill bounced in my throat until the pill dissolved or I spat it out.

768-2443, 864-5844 -- guess what these are? This sounds silly, but I had a hunch my vision was better so I checked the phone book. I CAN READ THE WHITE PAGES WITHOUT GLASSES! A week ago, I was going to get my eyes rechecked because my reading glasses weren't strong enough anymore. Everything's crisper and no squinting. How is this possible? ~Sandra

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