Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 3: Steady improvement

Road trip today, but still some new developments. Weather better (26 instead of close to 40 degrees.) I forgot to mention yesterday I got dizzy while shopping (I was moving myself around in a wheelchair in and out of stores). The doctor commented how my BP dropped during the procedure, so I wondered if the dizziness was low BP again? Others have mentioned this too after treatment.

NEW today -- I can do 4 heel-to-toe (none before), my finger to nose is perfect, I can stand without swaying, stand briefly (but stably) on one leg at a time, and do deep knee bends. Continuing is the total absence of spasms (maybe a few seconds of the start of one, but nothing happened), and now swallowing multiple pills and moutfuls of food without difficulty. Slow and steady!! ~Sandra

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